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Angelic Reiki

angelic reiki


What is Angel Reiki?
Angel Reiki invites in the loving and lighter realms of Angels and Ascended Masters to help us soothe the body, mind and soul. It works on the body's 7 chakras or spiritual energy centres throughout the body.
What does a Reiki treatment involve?

You will receive a consultation prior to receiving the Reiki treatment to assess your needs. You may be asked to remove any jewellery that may restrict the healing and then be asked to lie on the practitioner couch, fully clothed. The practitioner will then place their hands lightly on your body in various positions. In cases, such as bruises, tender spots or burns the hands will be placed over but not on the patient’s body.

You may find yourself falling asleep, do not be alarmed, this is part of the body's natural healing process. Do not fight it. If you feel emotional and an overwhelming sense to cry please do not hold it in. Letting these emotions go will feel incredibly calming and freeing.

How long does a angelic reiki treatment last?
Depending on the client’s requirements, treatments will take between one and two hours. For children and babies the treatment will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

How will Angel Reiki benefit me?
Angel Reiki:
•    enables you to connect with and experience the energy of your Guardian Angel, angels and the ascended masters
•    accelerates the body's natural ability to heal
•    energises both body and soul
•    cleanses the body of poisons
•    loosens up blocked energy and promotes a state of total relaxation
•    brings harmony to the body by relieving physical and emotional blocks
•    heals the cause and eliminates the effects of imbalance
•    can be used to maintain a healthy balance of mind and body
•    brings clarity, focus and a sense of purpose
•    is completely safe for both the person giving and the one receiving


Angelic Reiki 30 minutes £20.00