Holistic Massage


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What is Massage?
Massage is a scientific method that involves the practice of soft tissue manipulation of superficial areas of the body, which includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and connective tissue. Massage is a therapeutic, relaxing, invigorating and powerful treatment precisely because it works on both the physical (anatomical), functional (physiological), and psychological levels.  Touching, on the essence, of massage, can evoke therapeutic benefits to the mind, body and spirit.  The word massage comes from the Greek root “masso” which means to touch, or from French massage "friction of kneading", or from Arabic massa meaning "to touch, and from Latin massa meaning "mass, dough". An older etymology may even have been the Hebrew me-sakj "to anoint with oil".

Benefits of Massage

There are many positive aspects, to receiving massage therapy, as it helps you relax, re-align and rejuvenate. Massage benefits the entire body, the soft flowing strokes, stimulate the sensory nerve endings in the skin and warm and loosen the superficial fibrous tissue. The techniques of massage can ease pain or tension from stiff, aching muscles, and increase suppleness and mobility. Massage assists the cardiovascular system by boosting blood and lymph circulation so that vital nutrients reach all the cells and toxins are eliminated from the tissues. Revitalising strokes invigorate energy levels and leaves the skin with a healthy glow. Breathing deepens as the person becomes more relaxed and energised through massage improving the respiratory system. The nurturing touch of hands on the body soothes away mental stress and restores equilibrium at the same time.

Massage allows time for replenishing of innate resources of vital energy. This is particularly relevant in a modern society where stress is, known to be the root cause of many serious physical mental and emotional conditions. Stress is a natural factor of life, if suffered over prolonged periods it robs the body of health and energy. When the body is, constantly, exposed to stress it can result in anxiety, depression, lethargy, insomnia and panic attacks. The medical profession and the public recognize the benefits of massage as a successful treatment of symptoms arising from stress. Years of research shows that massage therapy is no longer just for relaxation. The medicinal benefits offered by therapeutic massage can have a positive, lasting impact on your health and lifestyle.

Due to its clinical effectiveness, massage demand has increased in the last decades. It is common when people discuss massage that they use words such as, “it’s so relaxing”, some view massage as a treat, or pampering experience, but it has important health benefits. In fact, you get the greatest benefit when massage is part of your regular wellness routine.

What does a Massage Treatment involve?

A massage treatment begins with a consultation by me a fully qualified BTEC Holistic Massage Practitioner.  The consultation involves obtaining information about you, obtaining your personal details, medical history, details about your lifestyle and the reason for the massage; it can however be for relaxation only. If you have a particular problem, I will ensure that I concentrate on that area of concern. The consultation will allow me to find out if there are any reasons (contraindications) why you cannot have a massage or if there are areas, I need to avoid. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about massage, make any requests, and understand exactly what to expect of the treatment. Each massage, lasts for approximately 60-90minutes and will take place in a quiet relaxation room on a massage table. You will lie down undressed and I will cover the parts of the body not being, worked on with towels.
Following the massage itself, I will invite you to get up slowly when you feel ready to do so. I will invite feedback about the treatment, answer any questions, and encourage you to drink a glass of water immediately to prevent build up of toxins.

As a health care professional and therapist, I can refer you to other health professionals if necessary and make necessary recommendations to your health.

Be Well

To feel better, relieve any discomfort, decrease stress levels, feel more relaxed and have a body that functions more efficiently, schedule regular appointments for a massage. Massage is not just for the rich, nor is it a treat reserved just for a special occasion. With the growing research base and the recognition of the benefits of massage in the healthcare arena, massage is a "kneaded" component of your wellness regimen.

Holistic Massage

30 minutes    £30.00

1 hour            £50.00

1.5 hours      £65.00

2 hours      £85.00