My Mission Statement - Alafia holistics

My Mission Statement



It is my intent to help and treat all the clients who access my practice, to the best of my ability. I aim to be honest fair and non judgemental.  I aim to treat all ages and cultures, I believe that touch alone is extremely healing and I aim to assist healing and well-being when possible. 

If there is a contraindication to any of the treatments which is unlikely, I will therefore, endeavour, to refer you, onto a suitable practitioner or back to your GP.

My wish for you, is to offer you high quality care, whilst during and after your treatment, that you have the ALAFIA experience of tranquility, peace, calmness and overwhelming relaxation to assist you, in coping with the busy lives, that many of us lead these days.


A Massage Therapist Prayer


Let me dedicate my life today

To the care of those who come my way


Let me touch each one with healing hands

For the gentle art for which I stand


Let the divine force flow from me to you

Let our energy and sprit renew


And then tonight when day is done

Let me rest in peace if I can help just one

author unknown