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Rungu Massage

African Rungu Deep Tissue Massage is an African massage using a small wooden baton.

New to Alafia Holistics is this exciting African Rungu a slightly deeper and gentler deep tissue massage, which lends itself to the ethos of Alafia and Africa, with the mission to; experience a taste of African culture.


The most important part of the African Rungu Deep Tissue Massage is its heritage. In Maasai culture, the Rungu is an important emblem of warrior status for young males. A special one is held by a designated speaker at important tribal gatherings. Rungus may be elaborately carved or made of other materials. Local women are widely employed in sewing decorative beads onto the handles.

Rungu Massage is an African-inspired tool massage where alternative stimulating and soothing techniques are combined for physiological and psychological benefits, ultimately reducing stress levels and is overwhelmingly relaxing.

Try our new and exciting alternative massage technique:
The African Rungu massage is a deeply stimulating massage which will leave you feeling completely relaxed, it is excellent for tired or painful muscles, while also ensuring lymph drainage and release of endorphins. This massage offers you a full holistic massage pampering your body with a natural product designed to ensure you have the maximum benefit of a deep tissue massage. As the African Rungu Deep Tissue Massage is gentler deep tissue than normal deep tissue it is suitable for most clients.


• Benefits for the massage client

Full body holistic massage
New therapeutic technique
Deeply stimulating massage
Stress relief
Excellent treatment for tired /painful muscles
Deep tissue massage
Deep relaxation
Lymph drainage
Releases endorphins


Rungu Deep tissue Neck,back & shoulder massage- 30 min- £30.00

Rungu Deep Tissue full body massage (no stomach) – 45 min-£40.00

Rungu Deep Tissue full body Massage – 60 min- £55.00